1. Register

    Before using the system, all providers must register. This is the initial account creation; where basic demographic and transaction related information is collected.

    An initial billing NPI will be established for your profile during the registration process. Additional NPI's may be added after the account has been created.

    If your company is registered with EDISS for electronic transactions, your registration information has been auto-loaded into the system. The registration process may vary by type of user.

  2. Account Security

    Upon initial registration you will create your EDISS Connect user name and password. After your first login attempt into the system you will need to establish Account Security questions. This set of security questions will protect your account.

  3. Account Settings

    EDISS Connect users have the ability to choose who will administer their profile.

    If you are administering your account, and may also process transactions, you'll also select the software that will be used to send transactions. Please note that EDISS does provide free software (PC-ACE Pro32) as an option.

    If a third party vendor (clearing house or billing service) will be your account administrator, you will need to grant them this access during initial registration or later in your account settings. Any third party vendor will need to accept this role after they are selected.

  4. Transactions

    When your account is established, you will have the ability to manage/add your transactions (otherwise known as claim types) directly after your account is set up by first entering the NPI(s), state(s), line(s) of business and transaction types (professional, institutional or dental).

    New EDISS providers will select the transactions associated to each NPI in their profile. The available transactions are dependent on the state(s) and line(s) of business selected.

    Existing EDISS providers and associated transactions are auto-loaded into EDISS Connect. Please confirm that the auto-loaded transactions are still accurate.

  5. Forms

    There are certain transactions that may require an enrollment form. Enrollment forms can be downloaded from EDISS Connect and can be submitted by either US Mail or fax. You will be able to view the status of your forms from your account home page (the first page you see when you log into the system).

  6. Testing

    EDISS requires testing for all providers who submit the 837(electronic health care claim transaction) directly. The testing process verifies the format and structural accuracy of the electronic claim file sent by a trading partner. The number of transactions required on a file may depend on the transaction type.

    If a billing service or clearing house sends claims on a provider's behalf, that vendor will test their files on behalf of the provider.

    Most billing services and clearing houses have indicated a preference for blanket approval to allow them to bypass the testing process once the minimum number of transactions has been tested for specific transactions.

    The steps above are outlined in the User Guides and Online Tutorials located in the Help section of the site.

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Q: What information will I need to complete the provider registration process?

You will need a billing NPI, TIN and your contact information such as company address, phone and fax number. You'll choose a username and password as well as answer a set of security questions. 

Q: I'm a provider, but I'm not processing claims. Do I still need to register?

Yes. As a provider you still have to register. When you choose a vendor to process claims on your behalf, you hand over certain responsibilities that you will want to monitor or manage. Vendors are not permitted to enroll on behalf of a provider. Per CMS (IOM Publication 100-04, Chapter 24, Section 20), providers "are not permitted to share their personal EDI access number and password with any billing agent, clearinghouse/network service vendor; to anyone on their own staff who does not need to see the data for completion of a valid electronic claim, to process a remittance advice for a claim, to verify beneficiary eligibility, or to determine the status of a claim; and that no other non-staff individuals or entities may be permitted to use a provider's EDI number and password to access Medicare systems." 

Q: Which NPI should I use to register?

Only Billing NPI's should be registered in EDISS Connect. During initial registration you can choose any billing NPI that will have a transaction type processed under your account. You will have the ability to enter additional NPIs after the registration process.

Q: What is the difference between a billing NPI and a Rendering/Referring/Etc NPI?

Billing NPI's are always required on an electronic claim, thus EDI registration requires it for setup and processing. EDISS considers any other form of NPI optional and does not need it registered with EDISS.

Q: Will my information be shared with a third party?

Your information is secure with us. We will never share your contact or account information with anyone including third parties.

Q: What if I change companies?

If you leave companies your user credentials will need to be removed from EDISS Connect. It would be up to the Administrator linked to your EDISS Connect account to delete these credentials. If you are the sole Administrator, you would need to create a new Admin for the account and then have that User remove your credentials.

Q: I want to change my profile details. How do I do this?

By simply logging into Connect you can change your information within your account profile.  You will need to select ‘edit profile' on your account home page.

Q: What happens if I choose vendors to administer my account?

In this scenario, a vendor is considered an Account Administrator. If you choose a vendor to have this role, that means you have hired an outside resource to manage your Connect account on your behalf. You will have ‘View Only' access to your claims, meaning you will only be able to review your account and not make transaction related changes. This includes adding or editing transactions.

Q: Can I regain control of my account if I choose a vendor to administer it?

Yes, you can change this setting in your account profile to Self-Administered to regain access to your account if you decide to change vendors or administer claims yourself. 

Q: How do I choose transaction types?

The EDISS Connect User Guide can walk you through how to set up transactions and claim types. You will start by selecting an NPI(s), state(s), line(s) of business and then the transaction type(s).

Q: How do I open lines of business?

The EDISS Connect User Guide can walk you through how to set up transactions and claim types. You will start by selecting an NPI(s), state(s) and then the line(s) of business.

General Questions
Q: Does EDISS Connect cost anything to use?

No. The system is free to all providers and vendors (clearinghouses, billing agents, billing services, software vendors) for registration, setting up electronic transactions and pre-production testing. Your only cost will be the use of your existing Internet connection to access the system.

Based on how you have chosen to submit/receive electronic transactions, there may be associated fees due to vendors or third party billers for services and connectivity options provided.

Q: What are associated transactions?

Associated transactions are specific transactions or claim types that fall under a line of business. Transactions are professional, institutional or dental and determined based on the line of business. An example of a transaction is 837I, which is Institutional Electronic Claim Submission.

Q: Where can I find the EDISS Connect user guides and tutorials?

You can find all self-help materials within the ‘Help' page on this site. You can also find additional resource materials at www.edissweb.com/registration.

Q: What internet browser can I use with EDISS Connect?

You should be able to use any internet browser and maintain functionality. Firefox and IE10 (Internet Explorer 10) are the recommended internet browsers to use with EDISS Connect. 

Q: How do I contact EDISS if I have questions?

It varies based on your jurisdiction and the line of business you may have questions about.

For lines of business outside of Medicare, please call 800-967-7902.

For Jurisdiction F (JF) Part A and B, please call 877-908-8431.

For Jurisdiction E (JE) Part A and B, please call 855-609-9960.

You may also email support@edissweb.com.

For detailed contact information view the contact page.

Username & Password
Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?
  • Click on "Forgot Password?" near the Login button on the home page.
  • Enter your UserID – (This is the ID you normally enter when logging into EDISS Connect).
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to answer your three security questions.
  • Answer your three security questions – (The security question is not case-sensitive).
  • Click on Submit.
  • Your password will be sent to your email address upon successfully answering the security questions.
Q: How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in, click edit profile from your account home page. Within edit profile, the security settings link will enable you to update your password and security questions.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my username?
  • Click on "Forgot username?" near the Login button on the home page.
  • Enter the email address that you entered in your EDISS Registration user profile.
  • Click on Submit.
  • An email will be sent to you with your Username.
Q: How do I know what forms I need to send to EDISS and how will I know when EDISS has received the forms?

When you log into EDISS Connect, you will go directly to your account home page. On this page, ‘Forms Required' will display for any NPI/transactions combination requiring a signed and completed form. Once clicked, a PDF will display that can be printed, completed and faxed or mailed to EDISS.

Please note: Submission of paperwork is only required if you are new to electronic transmissions and EDISS Connect.

Q: If I have already sent paperwork to EDISS in the past for registration, do I have to resubmit paperwork when I register for EDISS Connect?

No, if you are currently set up for electronic transactions with EDISS, you are not required to resubmit paperwork and no additional paperwork is required. If you add a billing NPI to your facility profile that is new to EDISS, new forms might have to be submitted.

If you are new to electronic transactions and EDISS, you are required to send in the applicable enrollment form(s) that are associated with the lines of business you are registering for on EDISS Connect.

Q: When can I start testing?

Testing can be started when all forms have been received at Noridian EDISS and you have been assigned a Submitter ID (If you have previously submitted paperwork, you are not required to resubmit and there is no additional paperwork required). 

Q: How do I know if my testing is complete?

You can access your testing history from your account home or manage transactions page. The testing history page will display a status to indicate if the test file passed, is processing or failed.

Q: What do I do when my testing is complete and I want to start submitting claims directly to Noridian EDISS?

Direct Submitters: When transaction testing is complete and/or your transactions are ready for production, you will receive a fax from EDISS with your Production credentials. The fax will include applicable log in/password information Vendor Submissions: If you use a vendor to process your transactions, in most cases they will notify you of your requirements for production related interactions. .

Q: What is Blanket Approval?

During the registration process, a vendor will automatically be set to Blanket Approval (BA) status for all transactions, unless the vendor chooses to opt-out.

BA status indicates a Billing Service or Clearinghouse has achieved and are maintaining the required amount of providers in the EDISS production system and no longer are required to test each individual provider files within a particular Line of Business (LOB) and transaction.

Due to this, vendors who have BA are able to move their providers into Production processing faster.

Software: PC-ACE Pro32
Q: Where do I find instructions for PC-ACE Pro32 Installation?

The software can be downloaded from your account home page. Or, you can navigate to the PC-ACE Pro32 page on www.edissweb.com for instructions.

  1. Select the State you are located in.
  2. Select the Software/Connectivity tab.
  3. Select the PC-ACE Pro32 Software Options heading.
  4. Select the "Installing the software guide" under the PC-ACE Pro32 User Documentation heading. 
Q: Is there a charge for PC-ACE Pro32?

The PC-ACE Pro32 software can be downloaded directly within your account home page free-of-charge after registration is complete. The instructions for using PC-ACE Pro32, can be downloaded from the PC-ACE Pro32 page on www.edissweb.com. If you prefer a CD of the software, you can request a CD version of PC-ACE Pro32 software and supporting documentation for a $25 annual fee.

Q: How do I install PC-ACE Pro32?

The link to download the software will display on your account home page after registration is complete. You can also find the software and instructions on the EDISS website.


You will be prompted to run (or open) the software or save the software to a disc. Note: If multi-user operation is required, select a drive accessible by all workstations on the network that will require PC-ACE Pro-32 access.

  1. Selecting "Run this program from its current location" or "Open" will complete installation. If you choose this option, skip steps #4 - #6.
  2. Selecting "Save this program to disk," will prompt you for a disk location. Save the program to your desktop.
  3. To install the PC-ACE Pro32 software on your PC, select setup.exe on your desktop. Follow the screen prompts to begin the installation process.
  4. You will be prompted for an installation password. (Enter the password provided in your introductory email- from the email address used during registration).
  5.  Follow the screen prompts until the installation is complete.
  6. The following icons will appear on your desktop: PC-ACE Pro32 and PC-ACE Pro32 Readme File.
  7. You have completed the download and installation processes for PC-ACE Pro32.

PC-ACE Pro32 will prompt you for the User ID and Password when you attempt to open any of the files in PC-ACE Pro32. The default User ID and password are also provided in your PC-ACE Pro32 introductory email.

Q: How do I get started with PCAce Pro32?

To begin using PC-ACE Pro32, follow the PC-ACE Pro32 User Documentation posted on the PC-ACE Pro32 page of EDISS' website, www.edissweb.com.

  • If you are using PC-ACE Pro32 to bill claims electronically, the link titled userguide.pdf explains the basics of using the PC-ACE Pro32 product and will assist you with setting up the Reference File Maintenance, entering claims, preparing claims, and transmitting claims.
  • If you are using PC-ACE Pro32 for translating 835s, the link titled Importing and Translating ANSI 835 Remits Using PC-ACE Pro32 explains how to import, translate, and view an 835.

If you have any questions on how to get started with PC-ACE Pro32, please contact us.

Q: How do I assign a vendor to process transactions on our behalf?

Within add or manage transactions, you will select who will perform the specific transaction type- you or a vendor. Depending on the transaction type, a list of vendors will be available to select. 


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